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The SERVICE FEE is a charge that we have decided to implement; the service charge is used to supplement our kitchen staff as well as service staff pay – it is different from a gratuity in that the restaurant distributes it among ALL KITCHEN AND FRONT OF HOUSE employees. Another difference between the service charge and a tip, is that TIPS-by law-MUST be paid out to service staff; TIPS may not be used to pay any kitchen or other hourly positions. All operating costs have significantly increased, unfortunately; we are trying our best to provide good pay for our staff, so that they are compensated well enough to stay with us and provide the great food and service you rightly expect. We GREATLY appreciate your patronage, and always do our very best to provide you the most value for your hard earned money.

Yes, our service staff still works in hope of providing a supplement to their income via tips. If you are happy with your experience and wish to leave an extra tip, you are welcome to, as we have a prompt to either leave an extra smaller percentage or a “custom” button for you to leave whatever amount you wish when paying out. YOU ARE UNDER NO EXPECTATION TO TIP AT THE TYPICAL FULL SERVICE RATE; ANY NON TIP OR TIP PAYOUT IS ANONYMOUS TO OUR STAFF USING THE TABLESIDE QR CODE PAY SYSTEM

There is NO SERVICE CHARGE on pickup or grab n go market items.

We continue to always evaluate our processes and will always strive to bring you our very best for a great value – we are so very grateful for your support!